My name is Derek Anderson and I am based in the North-East of England. I create sculptural art forms and small pieces of wearable art, by employing the skills of a silversmith combined with the passion of an artist.


My relationship with materials and processes has developed over years of being a practitioner in creating objects of aesthetic quality. Some of my work is developed by looking closely at natural forms whilst other pieces are of a more abstract nature but still inspired by items or images. There are also indulgent times when the pursuit of fantasy allows my imagination to take over.


The materials used have a connection with me, an empathy almost, or a symbiotic relationship. I utilize the skills of a silversmith but employ the heart of an artist to manipulate metal; each hammer blow can place a mark but as it squeezes the metal thinner, the metal stretches and reforms as a result of each blow. Thus the item seems to grow in a natural way just as the sun, the wind and rain shape organic forms, metallic forms respond to the processes of heating, hammering and squeezing to grow to evolve into their own shape. This gives each piece a uniqueness – if you look at the flowers in the gallery you will see that there may be a similarity between one flower and another but each one is still unique, just like real flowers. This is born of my passion for creating items whilst also allowing the material itself to add to the process determining the final shape of the work.

Derek Anderson
2 copper roses in ceramic gin bottle.jpg
Copper Toadstools
Silver rose pin.jpg
Brass and copper orchid