Direct sculpting of animal heads

In creating this animal series, I studied many images of the individual creatures until I had them committed to memory. I then worked directly into the metal, hammering out the shape of the heads without the constraints of pausing to study a static image. Using memory and raw instinct in this way allowed my vision to flow through the tools directly into the metal, imbuing a personality into each sculpture. Thus, every piece is unique and original as no other process came between the artist and the finished work.

In this series, my aim was to create an emotional link with those viewing the work to reflect a narrative from each piece. The Antelope and Ram skulls were given larger eye sockets to give the impression of sadness now that their lives were over. The Black Rhino’s eyes depict an animal with poor eyesight and a short temper as it is one of the last of its species that has currently survived the onslaught of poaching. Whilst the swimming Water Buffalo has a look of fear as it worries about what may lie beneath the ripples of the pool it is swimming across.